The Cocoa Horizons Foundation reports on its activity twice annually, at mid-year and year-end. You can find these snapshots below, highlighting key elements of the Cocoa Horizons methodology, on-the-ground productivity and community activities and developments in the origins where we have programs. Additionally, you can find a baseline analysis of the challenges we target via the program. 

The program is externally verified by PwC. The annual PwC and Cocoa Horizons Verification/Assurance report can also be viewed via the link below.

Verification / Assurance reports

Download the Verification/Assurance reports 

The Cocoa Snapshot

2022-23 - Mid-Year

2021-22 - Year-End

2021-22 - Mid-Year

2020-21 - Year-End

2020-21 - Mid-Year

2019-20 - Year-End

2019-20 - Mid-Year

2018-19 - Year-End

2017-18 - Mid-year

2016-2017 - Year-End

2016-2017 - Mid-Year

2015-2016 - Year-End

Sustainable Baseline Analysis

Additional ressources

COH Donors & Partners (PDF 452.4kb)

COH_Board_of_Directors_0 (PNG 367.28kb)